Digital Sketchbook Movie

January 16. 2017

illustration titled: Diner Talk

Drawing with an iPad
Using one of my favourite drawing apps for iPad, Procreate, which feels like drawing on a real sketchbook. Procreate can export your drawing as a process movie. Directly underneath the video, you can see the final "remastered version".


January 9. 2017

illustration titled personal robot.

Personal Robot
You are so busy. Just bite the bullet and get one.


January 1. 2017

illustration of a fake retro ad.

Absolutely no risk! Yes please send for booklet. Here is a retro ad for you to start the new year.


January 1. 2017

illustration of a woman planning for the new year.

Yes, write it all down so you don't forget.

First Cup

January 1. 2017

photo of coffee cup next to an old clock.

Time To Wake Up
Welcome to January. A good time to play some music or simply clean up the house.