First Cup: And we are back...

Aug 3. 2015

photo of coffee cup at the Black Bear diner in Salinas California.

"It has felt like years"
It has been a while my friend. It has felt like years since we last met. I have missed you. Really!
I have been quietly creating during the long absence. I'll be posting as often as I can, but I'm making it a goal to post at least once weekly.
I have a lot of projects going on and I want to share them with you. The store is also back. I'll be adding new books soon but I will now be offering digital books for sale for those that just want to read the stories on their mobile devices. The website redesign took a lot longer because I am not a programmer and yet, I didn't want to use WordPress templates. To be honest, I really should have hired someone to do this for me, but here it is, an amatuer attempt, once again, in presenting a redesign. This is version 13 of my website. Each time I learn a bit more on how to code and this time around, the website is responsive. It will look good on a mobile device but I'm old school and prefer the desktop. There might be some hiccups within the site so if you see anything let me know. I would really appreciate any comments you might have. I hope you like the new website.

Black Bear Diner
The old newspaper is actually the diner menu once you open it. Salinas, California.

First Cup: Sugar Rush

Aug 1. 2015

photo of coffee cup and donuts at Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco

Welcome To August
Dynamo Donuts. San Francisco, California.

Sketchbook: Waiting

July 22. 2015

Illustration titled: Got There Too Early.

Got There Too Early
I'm a very punctual person. Sometimes to a fault. I arrived at an event one and half hours early. I walked to a park and sketched.

Geek Stuff: Code

July 21. 2015

photo of computer desktop and a website redesign.

Code Checking
Checking the html code and reprocessing images for larger screens.

Geek Stuff: Responsive

July 16. 2015

photo of computer desktop and a website redesign.

Website Re-design
Redesigning my website and checking for responsiveness.

Digital Sketchbook: App to App

July 8. 2015

original digital sketch using the procreate drawing app on the ipad.

This is the original digital drawing created using the Procreate drawing app on iPad.

original digital sketch using the Procreate drawing app on the ipad.

Broken Arm
Here is the illustration finished in Photoshop. Fonts used : Toyler X Handmade and Meltow Brush Rust, both by Type Sketchbook.

Sketchbook: Draw What you Mean

July 5. 2015

Illustration titled: I Sure Miss You

I Sure Miss You
Drawn with a Pentel Brush pen and finished with Photoshop. Font used: a real date stamp and Robolt x Hand Light Regular by Type Sketchbook.

Sketchbook: Visual Memory

July 5. 2015

Illustration titled: After The Movie

After The Movie
Image from my sketchbook. I saw this scene while riding the subway and tried to remember it as much as I could so I could draw it when I got home. Drawn with a Pentel Brush pen.

Sketchbook: Drawing and beer

July 5. 2015

Photo of my my sketchbook while drawing with my friend Jason. Vancouver, BC, CANADA.

Drawing Session
Drawing and having beers with my good friend Jason Turner.

First Cup: Old School

July 5. 2015

photo of coffee cup and sketchbook

Pencil and Black Coffee
The basics.